Halloween Talking Animated LED Pumpkin

Halloween Talking Animated LED Pumpkin

Halloween Talking Animated LED Pumpkin

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The Built-in speaker brings Pumpkin to life!

This Pumpkin will add happiness to your Halloween party with a collection of songs and jokes! Three unique character themes (spooky, traditional, and funny) provide over 70 minutes of fun animations. Provide interesting entertainers for more than an hour!


  1. Three unique characters

Our pumpkin lanterns have three roles: weird, traditional and funny. Add novelty to Halloween.

  1. An artist who can sing

You can choose the singing mode, which will add entertainment to your party. The unique pumpkin lantern can also be your daily music friend. The beautiful singing will bring you a happy mood.

  1. Funny and humorous joker

There are 40 popular jokes built into the lantern to make you laugh.


  1. Built-in speaker

The built-in speaker can be heard from any distance. Make performance more lifelike.

  1. Configure skip and volume keys

You can only select songs or jokes, and you can also adjust the volume.


  1. USB charging

It can be connected to a power bank for charging and can be charged through a socket. Any type of socket can be used.

  1. Applicable scene

Suitable for indoor or outdoor covered places. It can be applied to Halloween, spring fire, private parties, stage performances, etc.

      8. Over 70 minutes of Fun Animations

Patented technology! Short Throw Projector located inside the pumpkin shell.


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